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If you are in need of an electrician for your home or business, look no further than MANNS Electric Corp. We are a full service residential and commercial electrical contractor serving homes and businesses throughout the entire Tampa Bay area. Our Florida licensed electricians are ready for your next project or electrical problem that needs fixing.


The Corp. specializes in industrial, commercial & residential electrical projects and excels in all aspects of the industry including but not limited to:

About Us

At MANNS Electric Corp. our vision is simple, customers are treated like family, not only with their best interest at heart, but with due diligence to make their experience with us ELECTRIC!

There is no discrimination at The Corp. From our clients to the members of our team, everyone is respected regardless of race, age, gender, wealth and all else in between. Our morals are rooted in equality and that extends into our jobs, meaning we produce the highest quality product for a competitive rate regardless of our competition.

Although we appreciate all our current and future customers, we never forget where we came from and the incredible people that brought us here. We hope to continue to bring just as much passion, knowledge and success as we did on day 1 of the Corp.

Our goal is to continue to grow while maintaining the fundamentals that laid the foundation of the Corp. by not only providing a positive work environment for our high-quality electricians, but to generate happiness and satisfaction to our MANNS Electric Corp. clients.

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